Funny what people will settle for


 The Human Circle

 A guide to spiritual growth

By Michael Alvin, D.D., PhD

Pastor of The Living Circle of Light Church

It’s Funny What People Will Settle For

Funny that people just settle for the ordinary life to which society conditions them to live.  Go to work, raise kids, pay bills, take a course, go to bed, go to work, pay bills, go to bed…”ad nauseam”. They never think that there might be a better way of life, a higher meaning to life.  They just settle for that little cage that society builds for them.  Does this remind you of a gerbil in a cage? Please don’t think that I’m saying that there’s anything wrong with working or raising kids.  It’s great!  But, surely, there’s something more to life than just the life that people usually settle for…

gerbil 1

Well, there is a better, higher way of life.  That’s the entire purpose of this blog-   to discuss the possibilities of this higher way of life.  Oh, yes, there are higher ways of life.  Just doing the things that society encourages you to do-   eat, sleep, have kids, pay bills, get old-   is just living an animal kind of life.  Sure, we may be a higher type of animal, but we’re still, basically, only being an animal if this is all we want.  As a species, “Homo sapiens”, is a higher animal.  However, we were meant to be something more than this-   a human “being”.  Surprise!  Being a human being is something quite different from just being a “homo sapiens” animal!

That gerbil cage that society has built for us has an amazing lock.  It takes several keys to get that lock to open, but, it can be opened.  I’ve been lucky enough to find several keys in my life.  I wish to share them with you because I so want for you to have your freedom!  The human being has tasted of freedom at one time and he circles around it like our planet does the sun.

The First Key to being a Human “Being”

The first key to being a human “being” may seem a bit confusing.  It’s to become an individual.  What, how could this help to make a person human?  This is necessary because it is what makes you “authentic”.   Begin by knowing who you are.  What do you really believe in?  What are your talents, interests, and abilities?

To be an individual is the beginning point of real psychological or spiritual development.  You cannot hide behind or continue to find security in those second-hand beliefs and values that have been given to you by society.  You must determine what you truly know and value, not what your parents, school, or a church has conditioned you to believe since you were a little kid.  To become a human “being” you must start by being “real”.

Authenticity is ground “0” in any quest for truth.  There is no such thing as living a “vicarious” spiritual life.  Spirituality means that YOU are there firsthand.

Of course, I’m not saying that you can’t be a member of some type of spiritual group.  What I am saying is that you must investigate and evaluate the basic precepts of your group for yourself.  Otherwise, you have no roots; your roots are only in the group.  If something happens to the group leader or the group itself, you may very well be lost.

Your individuality is the lowest point that your Spirit comes into the physical world.  This individuality is not the same thing as your ego or personality.  The personality is only that surface layer of second-hand attitudes and values that you have acquired over the years from your society.  The individuality is much deeper.  It is only  reached by a deep consideration of what you truly believe!

In my next post, I will discuss another aspect of individuality.  But the best part will be to share the next key with you.  Do you know what it is?  You are not the gerbil that society has convinced you to be.  You are a lion(ess)!


 Learn how to be Who You Are!


6 thoughts on “Funny what people will settle for

  1. Michael, one of my mantras is “be true to yourself”. Yeah, we all have things we have to do in order to survive. When we become parents, those “have to’s” become even greater.

    But we still need to be true to ourselves. This comes across in parenting, as an employee or employer, citizen, friend, sibling, child, etc.

    The most valuable thing we can contribute is our values and personalities. Everything else can be learned in school. What makes us individuals is who we are inside. To let that person fall to the wayside while doing all the “have to’s – or haftas, as I like to call them is a sacrilege. We lose who we are. We become bitter and resentful. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

    When we learn to know ourselves, we feed our souls. Our souls are alive and well through life, as well as in death. Once we realize that, we can – and will – be the best we can be. The greatest gift we have is that of who we are. What we contribute. Our emotions and all that entails.

    I’d like to think I’m a lioness. In fact, I know I am!

    P.S. If I’d known you’re a pastor, I wouldn’t have used a cuss word in my recent email to you! 🙂


  2. Shauna, you said this so eloquently! I might have to hire you to write for me. To me, our individuality is extremely important. It’s the farthest that our spirit and soul reach down. We have to be an individual to talk to God.
    And don’t worry about cussing, I’m not that kind of pastor. I believe in people being people, they should be who they are!


    • Michael, be careful what you ask for. I don’t write for free, but I have been known to cut some slack. Just don’t tell anybody!

      I was baptized Catholic and went to Catholic school for five years. However, I had questions no one was willing to answer.

      I consider myself a spiritual person, not a religious person. Religion is man-made. Spirituality comes from personal conversations with God. That’s how I prefer to roll. I talk to Him whenever and wherever I get the hankering. I think He appreciates that much more than forcing myself to go to church.

      God is omnipotent. He’s watching over my shoulder right now!


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