The Second Key to Spirituality


The Human Circle

A guide to the spiritual seeker

by Michael W Alvin, D.D. Ph.D.

Pastor of Living Circle of Light Church

In my last post, I promised to discuss the second key to spirituality. The first key is to become an individual.  Why is this important?  To attain spirituality one must first know himself.  To become spiritual is the joining of who one truly is with the Divine, alone, in the sanctity of the heart.  One must examine his beliefs to be sure that he truly believes them. This is no place for second-hand beliefs if one is to be honest with themselves and their Source.


The second key to spirituality is that you are a Lion(ness), not the gerbil that society has trained you to be!  This is not because you are an animal, but because like the Lion(ness) YOU are strong, resourceful, and fearless.  In the reality of the spiritual, you are nothing less than a son or daughter of God!

The Higher Self of Man

In the religion of Hinduism, Man is considered to be divine in his essential nature.  Zorastrianism asserts that the spiritual flame, the divine fire of creation, is within Man.  And, in Buddhism, the Buddha (or divine) nature is said to be within all men.  Also, in Christianity, there is that well-known Bible scripture which describes Supreme and Divine Beings creating Man. “Then God said, ‘Let us make Man in Our image, according to Our likeness…” (Gen. 1:26, NKJV).

It is irrelevant to our discussion whether a person believes in the particulars of these various religions.  The fact that these supposedly conflicting religions have agreed for thousands of years that Man has a divine nature within him gives this belief astonishing credibility.

Man as Spirit

The Spiritual level is where the God-Self of Man exists.  By “God-Self” I mean that part of every one of us that has this divine or Buddha nature or was made in the image of God.  This is the ultimate YOU, your perfect Self, which I call your higher Self.

sun behind

This perfect image or Divine Idea of Man is a resourceful, self-sufficient Spirit.  Having access to The Divine Mind of The Source, he is completely capable of choosing his course and captaining his ship through the waters of Life.  He is a true Genius who can solve any problems he encounters in Life.

The idea of Man having a God-Self is not heretical because his higher Self is in no way God or The Source.  Rather, he has a God-like nature since he exists within The Source and has access to The Divine Mind and ITS Wisdom, Powers, and Intelligence to the degree that he can fully live his life and solve any problems.  This Self of Man is independent and self-sufficient as compared to animals, but he is always dependent on The Source.

The Third Key

Of course, you can tell from the many troubles in our material world that man definitely has a lower as well as a higher nature.  His lower self is his material ego.  As we shall discuss in my next post, there is a dynamic interplay between a man’s Spirit and his ego which lasts throughout his life.

In fact, this interplay in Man between Spirit and matter was the original basis of religion.  Unfortunately, many religions have lost the real meaning of spirituality, replacing it with only moral and social codes.  There is so much more to spirituality than just morals!

yin yang med

True spirituality enables an individual to see and understand his life from a much higher level.  It shows one how to turn within his higher Self to see more meaning in his life and reveals the way to tune into the Divine Mind of the Spirit to find answers.

A teaching is not spiritual unless it is practical.  An effective spiritual teaching should be able to show one how to change and better their everyday life.  It renders life more sacred and helps one to achieve a higher level of consciousness!  A real spiritual path brings one’s spiritual nature into their physical life.

My next post will surprise you!  I will show how very different your God-self or your Spirit is from the way it has been presented in most modern religions.  YOU are a very powerful being capable of wonderful acts and remarkable understandings.


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