The Keys to Spirituality


The Human Spiritual Circle

Your GPS guide to The Infinite

By Michael Alvin, D.D., Ph.D.

Pastor of Living Circle of Light Church

In my last blog, I promised to talk about the relationship between your Spirit and your ego.  I also said that I would discuss how different your Spirit and your ego are from the way many religions present them to be.

We have established who YOU (your Higher Self) are in reality. YOU are a Son or Daughter of God.  Your Higher Self is made in the image of God. YOU are a self-sufficient Spirit with marvelous powers and access to the Divine Mind.

The fall into Matter

YOU came into materiality to become self-conscious and express your divine capabilities.  However, Man had already had a setback a very long time ago.  He suffered a “fall into matter”. The material level of consciousness is very dark, limited, and dense.

walkg in darkness

Man became fascinated with the physical world and too involved in it.  As a result, he forgot his spiritual nature. The spiritual Light became dim and seemed to vanish.  Man can no longer perceive his spiritual Source since he uses only his limited physical senses. Over a period of time, he developed an ego or lower self.

Man’s lower self

In reality, the lower self or ego is just a center where all of your physical senses meet to help you function in the physical world. It is a practical center to help you survive.  It is not your Higher Self.  It cannot tell you anything about your Source or answer questions about the meaning of Life.  All it can tell you about is the physical, nothing more.

However, the lower self has gained dominance over men.  It does not want to give its position of control back to the Higher Self. Consequently, there is always a battle for control between the lower self and the Higher Self in Man.  Part of any man’s spiritual development is to overcome his lower self by means of the guidance of his Higher Self and its powers.

Unfortunately, Man usually now comes into life, develops his body, creates his social world, works his job, raises a family, and that’s it. He has no idea that, after his bodily and social development, he was meant to learn about his Higher Self and develop his spiritual capabilities.


After we are born, we go through “stages” of life.  This obviously begins with a physical formation period during which our body and cognitive abilities grow.  This is followed by a social activities stage during which we work, raise a family, etc. Yet, most people do not know that there are other stages of growth during which we have opportunities to discover our Higher Selves and learn to develop our spiritual abilities.  However, this does not happen automatically.  We must make sustained conscious efforts over a period of time in order to attain the spiritual level.

Stages of our life

As an analogy to our human life, consider the four stages in the life of the butterfly-   the egg, the caterpillar, the cocoon, and the adult butterfly.  .We may consider that the first two stages of our lives correspond to the egg and the caterpillar stages.  In these two stages, we work and learn how to function socially in the physical world.  We live, eat, and survive like a caterpillar on its leaf.


Within the physical, we become very involved with our survival, our family, our social activities, our possessions, and our worldview. This may be considered to be the spinning of our cocoon. However, since we have forgotten our spiritual heritage, we never go beyond the cocoon stage.  At the end of our life, we still exist only within that terribly limited physical cocoon.

The great loss

We never make the effort to consciously develop our spiritual awareness.  We live and eventually die within the cocoon of the physical, unaware that there were much greater possibilities open to us-   that we could have learned to fight our way out of that cocoon and flown away as a spiritual butterfly!

fighting cocoon

 We have no idea that we have a Higher Self that is self-sufficient enough to know the answers to Life’s questions.  We do not know that we have have access to spiritual powers that will enable us to heal ourselves and others.  We hear a faint, half-forgotten, echo of these abilities.  We think we might be more than we know, but, many people never investigate..  There are a few people, however, who do.


Spiritual leadership

This is where our spiritual leaders and churches come into the picture.  Please do not think that I am against traditional spirituality. I’m not; it’s simply that the leaders do not go far enough.  The seeker hears many platitudes, many dry scriptures, and perhaps attends supposedly spiritual meetings once a week.  But they are never inspired or challenged to look within themselves or to develop their own spiritual consciousness and abilities.  They are taught to be followers.  The spiritual leadership seems to want to be spiritual “middle men” for the rest of the seeker’s life.

The job of a spiritual leader

The true job of a spiritual leader is to teach a person how to find his own Higher Self, which is a part of God, so that he may make this important connection for himself.  There is no real spiritual growth if an individual connection with the Divine is not made.  The  seeker is left with only second-hand information “about” God, not the God experience.  You cannot learn about God the same way that you learn about geography in school by reading a book.

You will not be able to overcome your own lower self unless you are taught how to make a direct connection for yourself.  The purpose of our life in the physical is to find our spiritual Self, overcome our lower self, develop our divine spiritual abilities, and help others to do the same.


On our next visit together, we will discuss more concerning the stages of Man’s spiritual development.  The beginning of our development occurs when we discover our spiritual individuality. The opportunity for this often begins with what is called the “middle age crisis”.  Although it is usually not recognized, the calling of the Higher Self is the cause of the dissatisfaction that is felt at this time of life.

Until then, May God Bless All of You


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