With new Joy, I resume my Spiritual blog…


The Human Spiritual Circle

Your GPS Guide to The Infinite

By Michael W Alvin, D.D., PhD

Pastor of Living Circle of Light Church

I haven’t written on this blog for about one year now.  My original idea in writing it was, to the best of my ability, to share any wisdom, from others or myself, that is of a spiritual nature.  My purpose was to encourage individual spiritual development and provide practical information leading to the raising of consciousness in my readers.

My qualifications for writing this type of blog include ten years living with, and as a student of, a Teacher of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings of a Tibetan tradition and lineage. This included the practice of Yoga and meditation.  I also have a PhD in Comparative Religions, as well as a lifetime of investigation into the wisdom traditions.

After a year of blogging, I became discouraged by the idea that men and women weren’t interested in seeking this type of wisdom and development anymore. It seemed that my blog attracted no further subscribers and that individuals were more interested in expanding material interests rather than spiritual ones.  I wrote no new posts for about a year.

During this time, I have been writing a book about the stages of the human life cycle. Much new knowledge has been revealed to me about the inner life of Man.  This is a kind of knowledge which has not been known for a long time.  With each new life stage of the individual human being, something new is revealed to help him embrace the next stage.  But, this knowledge has remained hidden because people have not been taught how to listen to the quiet inner self or rely on its messages.


Meanwhile, many individuals have insisted that people really do want to know about these inner messages of human life.  I have gained many new “followers” on the social media who want me to tell them about the ancient wisdom teachings.

So, I have decided to write once again on my blog.  I approach this with new excitement, new energy, and a new vision.  I will write at least once a week on my blog with new information about human life which has not been before revealed.  Just read some of my previous blogs and you will find that my blog posts are quite different from the usual ones.  They are aimed at revealing and explaining the spiritual nature of our life cycle, not just the physical.

I ask you, my readers, to please reveal your interests and thoughts by commenting on my blogs.  This will help me to assess whether or not these new thoughts are getting through to you or if I need to change my approach.  Please give me some “feedback” on this.  It is with a new joy that I continue my Spiritual blog. Please let me know that you share the joy with me!

red joy


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