What is missing in Spirituality?


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by Michael Alvin, D.D., Pastor, PhD

Living Circle of Life Church

What People do to be Spiritual

I have done a lot of investigation into what people actually do to try to be more spiritual. This includes both the internet and outer activities. Please don’t think that I’m being critical of these things, I’m merely trying to show that something very important is missing in these activities.  This is what I’ve found:

  • People keep going to the same church, once a week, without any change.
  • Members of internet spiritual groups argue endlessly about the meaning of spiritual terms, such as, “enlightenment”, “master”, “”nirvana”, etc.
  • People, especially younger ones, join various pagan or magic groups featuring ancient gods and ritual practices.
  • Members of various social media and spiritual groups constantly put on serene, beautiful, pictures, sometimes with wise sayings from sources such as the Tao Te Ching, The Dalai Lama, Mahatma Gandhi, Ru-mi, etc.
  • People spend many hours in chat groups about spirituality.
  • More people are reading books about the spiritual.
  • Members of social media groups often proclaim the rightness of their particular belief, while belittling others.
  • People join a variety of outer groups, which they believe to be spiritually oriented.

Once again, please do not think that I am being critical of these actions.  There is good in all of them.  However, none of these, by themselves will lead to the spiritual growth that the person probably desires.  Why?  Because there is something missing that is essential to spiritual growth.


What is it that’s Missing?

The essential thing missing in all of these is an individual spiritual practice.  This is a physical practice that you, an individual, feel will help you spiritually grow.  It’s primary purpose is to help you to turn inward.  Within you is where the “one pearl of great price” (Matt. 13:46), the spiritual wisdom, is to be found.  All true spiritual practices help you to find your inner spiritual Self. However, you must commit to a spiritual practice on a regular basis.  Spiritual growth does not come quickly, especially if one does not diligently pursue it.

This practice must be an individual choice.  The right practice is as individual in its nature as you are. Beware of those who say only their way is the right way.  But, how does a person know if a practice is a spiritual practice that is right for them?


When is a Practice right for You?

  • It shows you a deeper meaning and purpose in life.
  • It feels comfortable and meaningful for you, not just because others are doing it.
  • It reveals a deeper reality than the outer world.
  • It helps you feel more compassionate and understanding.
  • It helps to lift your thinking and emotions upward.
  • It shows you how to apply its principles in everyday life.
  • It is helps you grow with mind and heart working together.
  • It helps you grow away from base desires and emotions.
  • After time, you still feel that you are making spiritual progress.  Don’t judge too soon.  Spiritual progress is often slow to appear in the physical world.

I do not claim to be a Yogi, a Buddhist, a follower of Hinduism, a Sufi, a Christian, a follower of Zoroaster, or a follower of any other organized belief system.  I am rather an initiate of that Ancient Wisdom which lies beneath them all.

My personal spiritual practice includes meditation, breathing practices, writing, and some yoga. I wish to help you find the spiritual practice that is right for you. If you have already found it, this blog will encourage you with spiritual insights, deeper knowledge, and clues to give you more strength to continue on your way.  We all need this. This is what this bog is about.  I invite you to subscribe.

I spent ten years as an initiate and student of a Master of The Ancient Wisdom Teachings, so that I could help people to grow spiritually.  Please give me some feedback through the comment section and I will be in touch to help you in your individual spiritual journey in any way that I can.

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Meanwhile, may God (The Source) speed you on in your Spiritual journey.

Please comment below.  Thank you for reading this! Please share with others who may want some spiritual guidance in their lives.


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