Are we “one with” the universe?


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By Michael Alvin, Doctor of Divinity, Pastor, PhD

The Living Circle of Life Church


Welcome to the new followers of this blog. This blog is an attempt to share deep spiritual ideas with no prejudice, either for or against, any particular religious belief system. I don’t care whether you are Christian, Buddhist, Wiccan, Muslim, Jainist, a follower of ancient gods, a believer in Hinduism, or, even an atheist!

Preposterous! How can I make such a statement? Simply because, on the spiritual level, we are all the same. We are spiritual beings making a journey through the material world. This is the part of you to whom I wish to speak in this blog.

Whether you agree with my thoughts, or disagree, please engage with me.  Let me know what your feel in the “Comments” or by the e-mail address I provide at the end of this post. It’s only by engaging with each other that we can exercise our “spiritual muscles”.

encircles body

You in the universe; the universe in you

On the outside, we all travel through the same universe, on the same planet. On the inside, the same universe is traveling through us!  Although our physical senses seem to tell us otherwise, we cannot be separated from the universe. We are an indivisible part of it. How can this be?

Of course, our body is formed from information contained in the DNA provided by our parents. However, this has very little to do with the energies, forces, thoughts, and consciousness that sustain us throughout our life. An amazingly huge band (spectrum) of the vibrations and energies of our universe flows through us every single day. Yet, with our physical senses, we are aware of less than 1% of this!

So, you may ask, “What’s the point”? My point is that every human being is the expression of our universe. It flows through him and sustains his life. Regardless of our beliefs, we are all an inseparable part of the very same universe. Yet, we are physically conscious of only a very tiny part of these energies.

Spiritual Development

Spiritual development includes, becoming aware of, and learning how to use, this vast array of forces and energies of which we are presently unconscious. This is our future spiritual potential. A fully developed, spiritual human being is the expression of the universe in human form. He has truly become “one with” the universe.

ida pingala

The spinal column is the pathway by which the powers and forces of the universe flow into and out of our human body. This vast range of energies stretches upward, from the low, dense vibrations of the physical, through several layers, to the higher, intensely powerful vibrations of the spiritual realm.  Thus, the entire array of vibrations, all the way from earth to heaven, flow through a human being. It is claimed that there are up to 72,000 energy channels in the body, but, all of these shoot off from one main channel.

This main energy channel is the Sushuma. There are also two other channels, the Ida and the Pin-gala, which are electrically charged oppositely to each other. In fact, it is these two channels that are pictured in the caduceus, the familiar, winged symbol of the medical profession.


“Heaven and Earth”

There is another way in which we humans can be “one with” our universe. A developed human being is capable of joining together heaven and earth, or, bringing the power of the spiritual into the physical level. He is able to bring powerful, spiritual energies into the earth region, to help both himself and others. He may act as a sort of spiritual “lightning rod”to help better earthly conditions. In my opinion, this has often been done by spiritual masters of the past, or our planet would be in much worse condition than it is today.

Raising consciousness; raising our body

Our spiritual advancement occurs in the following way. Choosing a spiritual practice which is harmonious to us, we pursue it regularly. This practice enables us to bring in spiritual thoughts and energies. Over a prolonged period, these higher thoughts and energies will have a purifying effect on both our thoughts and consciousness.  The general level of our bodily vibrations will gradually, and steadily, raise over time, so that we become more spiritual in our nature.

I hope that you have enjoyed this discussion.  My basic training in spirituality was established by studying the Ancient Wisdom for ten years under a Master Teacher of the Tibetan tradition. I have also continued a meditation practice for many years.

Please support this blog by posting comments. I would also appreciate you sharing it with others that you feel would benefit. There are several social media sites listed at the end to share this blog with others. I would certainly appreciate it.

Meanwhile, may God (The Source) bless each one of you who reads this. Feel free to contact me at the e-mail address I have listed below. I would love to hear from you. I am also online at Twitter.

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4 thoughts on “Are we “one with” the universe?

    • Thank you, Rainbow! I truly hope that the spiritual ideas that I pass on will help you to grow spiritually. Always be sure that you can ask me any questions that you may not understand or need clarification about on that topic.


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