What is missing in Spirituality?


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by Michael Alvin, D.D., Pastor, PhD

Living Circle of Life Church

What People do to be Spiritual

I have done a lot of investigation into what people actually do to try to be more spiritual. This includes both the internet and outer activities. Please don’t think that I’m being critical of these things, I’m merely trying to show that something very important is missing in these activities.  This is what I’ve found:

  • People keep going to the same church, once a week, without any change.
  • Members of internet spiritual groups argue endlessly about the meaning of spiritual terms, such as, “enlightenment”, “master”, “”nirvana”, etc.
  • People, especially younger ones, join various pagan or magic groups featuring ancient gods and ritual practices.
  • Members of various social media and spiritual groups constantly put on serene, beautiful, pictures, sometimes with wise sayings from sources such as the Tao Te Ching, The Dalai Lama, Mahatma Gandhi, Ru-mi, etc.
  • People spend many hours in chat groups about spirituality.
  • More people are reading books about the spiritual.
  • Members of social media groups often proclaim the rightness of their particular belief, while belittling others.
  • People join a variety of outer groups, which they believe to be spiritually oriented.

Once again, please do not think that I am being critical of these actions.  There is good in all of them.  However, none of these, by themselves will lead to the spiritual growth that the person probably desires.  Why?  Because there is something missing that is essential to spiritual growth.


What is it that’s Missing?

The essential thing missing in all of these is an individual spiritual practice.  This is a physical practice that you, an individual, feel will help you spiritually grow.  It’s primary purpose is to help you to turn inward.  Within you is where the “one pearl of great price” (Matt. 13:46), the spiritual wisdom, is to be found.  All true spiritual practices help you to find your inner spiritual Self. However, you must commit to a spiritual practice on a regular basis.  Spiritual growth does not come quickly, especially if one does not diligently pursue it.

This practice must be an individual choice.  The right practice is as individual in its nature as you are. Beware of those who say only their way is the right way.  But, how does a person know if a practice is a spiritual practice that is right for them?


When is a Practice right for You?

  • It shows you a deeper meaning and purpose in life.
  • It feels comfortable and meaningful for you, not just because others are doing it.
  • It reveals a deeper reality than the outer world.
  • It helps you feel more compassionate and understanding.
  • It helps to lift your thinking and emotions upward.
  • It shows you how to apply its principles in everyday life.
  • It is helps you grow with mind and heart working together.
  • It helps you grow away from base desires and emotions.
  • After time, you still feel that you are making spiritual progress.  Don’t judge too soon.  Spiritual progress is often slow to appear in the physical world.

I do not claim to be a Yogi, a Buddhist, a follower of Hinduism, a Sufi, a Christian, a follower of Zoroaster, or a follower of any other organized belief system.  I am rather an initiate of that Ancient Wisdom which lies beneath them all.

My personal spiritual practice includes meditation, breathing practices, writing, and some yoga. I wish to help you find the spiritual practice that is right for you. If you have already found it, this blog will encourage you with spiritual insights, deeper knowledge, and clues to give you more strength to continue on your way.  We all need this. This is what this bog is about.  I invite you to subscribe.

I spent ten years as an initiate and student of a Master of The Ancient Wisdom Teachings, so that I could help people to grow spiritually.  Please give me some feedback through the comment section and I will be in touch to help you in your individual spiritual journey in any way that I can.

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Meanwhile, may God (The Source) speed you on in your Spiritual journey.

Please comment below.  Thank you for reading this! Please share with others who may want some spiritual guidance in their lives.


The Stages of Spirituality


The Human Spiritual Circle

Your GPS Guide to The Infinite

by Michael W Alvin, D.D., Ph.D.

Pastor of Living Circle of Light Church


Our Body is Our Temple

In our last discussion, we learned that birth as a human is a necessary part of our spiritual journey.  It’s the way that we become individual beings, discover our divine heritage, and develop our spiritual abilities.  It is the way that we, as artists, paint our lives.

The first stage of life lasts from conception to young adulthood. Of course, our bodies are formed during this period.  Our basic worldview and beliefs are provided by parents and our first social contacts. This stage includes building a foundation from body to brain, including our core ego structure.

A second stage begins at 18-21 years old. Each stage challenges us with a change of direction.  A young adult must choose their own worldview and beliefs out of many possibilities that society offers. Will they stay loyal to the beliefs of their parents or select different ones from the many values offered by friends and society?


Too many choices; so little time!

The young adult must establish career and home, choose a mate, and deal with the possibility of having children. This is a time during which they will determine just how materialistic they will become in their attempt to establish security in the world.  This often just happens “unconsciously”  because many young adults never consciously think about this.

Society tries to convince all of us that we can only become important if they can fit us into the value system and hierarchy that they’ve created.  I’ve got news for them.  Society can’t give anyone a value from the outside because we are already valuable inside!

You have Spiritual value-  you are an inseparable part of God and the Universe.  The value of our material life is the same for everyone-    it is the developing of a material ego and overcoming it through developing the Spirit.  This has nothing to do with your particular “place” in society or the society in which you live.

Scientists, psychologists, sociologists, and educators haven’t got a clue about the purpose of our human life.  Educators and leaders of society have been lying to us our whole life about who we are.  I guess they really don’t have a choice about lying-   they don’t really know why we’re here and they certainly don’t want to look dumb!

It’s obvious that they don’t know why we are here because they’ve invested oodles of money and time in scientific investigations for some time just to find out.  They often brag about how effective their methods of investigation are, but, I’m not that impressed.

scientif method

Perhaps I’m impatient, but if I hired someone to find why something happened, I’d be frustrated if the results weren’t more substantial than those of science.  They’ve been at this for about 400 years or more!  It seems a tad bit impractical for the average human being with a life expectancy of 78 years.  Most have died or will be dead before we have a guide to our purpose for existence.  Sorry, but I’ve always been searching for something that would give my individual life some meaning.

Opposition of the Physical to the Spiritual

Science will never be able to find the meaning of our individual lives by the investigation of matter,  Matter is the opposite of the spiritual.  Things are very separated from each other in the physical. They are very limited and exist for a brief period of time. Matter is dense and deceptive and makes it difficult to see reality.  It manifests by means of opposites, such as light and dark, male and female, inner and outer, etc.  Matter exists in a perpetual state of change and unrest.

The Spiritual is opposite in its nature.  It is the realm of Reality.  In the Spirit, things are in a state of one-ness in which opposites are seen in a unity.  It is a realm of limitless light, energy, and peace.

The pain and problems of the dense physical level are healed by bringing in the powers, light, mind, and one-ness of the Spiritual. This raises and purifies the physical energies and expressions.

god heart

The Third Stage of Life

The first two stages of the human lifecycle involve building a physical form and functioning by means of an ego self.  The third stage arrives at what is commonly called, “middle-age”.  This is an important part of life which one reachs about age 36-42. The middle-age crisis occurs for a reason psychologists don’t realize.

This is the point at which the individual should begin to physically express his Being (spiritual nature).  He has become a successful “householder” and it’s time for the trip back to his real nature.  He should begin to develop his spirituality.  In “The Keys to Spirituality”, a post I made on 1/30, I compared this stage to a caterpillar fighting its way out of a cocoon (materiality).

Previous to this stage, the person expressed his ego, also called his “personality” from the root “personae” or mask.  It is called a mask because he wears it, thinking that it is really himself.  He has been conditioned by society to believe that it is him.

The important part of this third transition is to determine what is truly YOU, so that you can rid yourself of the personality that society implanted in you through brainwashing from the time of youth.  It is amazing and very surprising how many ways that society has succeeded in brainwashing you from the time of your first schooling and throughout you adult years.

Brainwashing cover small

I have written a book called, “You’ve been Brainwashed by Society: the movies that prove it!” by Michael Alvin,  It’s available through Amazon, Amazon kindle, and other retailers.  It will help you get through this stage successfully. It proves many ways in which society has cleverly brainwashed us.  I have approached the topic in a humorous and different way.  I show just how the brainwashing that society has done is reflected in many stories and characters in a lot of popular movies (you’ve probably seen many of them).

The real part that remains after one rids himself of the personality is called your “individuality”.  The word individuality comes from a Latin root which means that you cannot be divided from the Universe.  Interestingly, your individuality is the very lowest that your Spirit reaches down into manifestation.  We are truly not capable of being separated from the Universe, since each of us is actually a part of the Universe that we inhabit.

In my next post, I will invite you to join with me in a deeper discussion of just how this part of your Spirit, your individuality, can be developed.  Each one of us is a unique individual, unlike anyone else in the entire Universe.


I invite you to comment or ask questions about anything in this blog on the form below.  Please do!  Or, feel free to e-mail me at


Meanwhile, may each one of you who reads this blog be individually blessed, guided, and loved by God!

Michael Alvin

Funny what people will settle for


 The Human Circle

 A guide to spiritual growth

By Michael Alvin, D.D., PhD

Pastor of The Living Circle of Light Church

It’s Funny What People Will Settle For

Funny that people just settle for the ordinary life to which society conditions them to live.  Go to work, raise kids, pay bills, take a course, go to bed, go to work, pay bills, go to bed…”ad nauseam”. They never think that there might be a better way of life, a higher meaning to life.  They just settle for that little cage that society builds for them.  Does this remind you of a gerbil in a cage? Please don’t think that I’m saying that there’s anything wrong with working or raising kids.  It’s great!  But, surely, there’s something more to life than just the life that people usually settle for…

gerbil 1

Well, there is a better, higher way of life.  That’s the entire purpose of this blog-   to discuss the possibilities of this higher way of life.  Oh, yes, there are higher ways of life.  Just doing the things that society encourages you to do-   eat, sleep, have kids, pay bills, get old-   is just living an animal kind of life.  Sure, we may be a higher type of animal, but we’re still, basically, only being an animal if this is all we want.  As a species, “Homo sapiens”, is a higher animal.  However, we were meant to be something more than this-   a human “being”.  Surprise!  Being a human being is something quite different from just being a “homo sapiens” animal!

That gerbil cage that society has built for us has an amazing lock.  It takes several keys to get that lock to open, but, it can be opened.  I’ve been lucky enough to find several keys in my life.  I wish to share them with you because I so want for you to have your freedom!  The human being has tasted of freedom at one time and he circles around it like our planet does the sun.

The First Key to being a Human “Being”

The first key to being a human “being” may seem a bit confusing.  It’s to become an individual.  What, how could this help to make a person human?  This is necessary because it is what makes you “authentic”.   Begin by knowing who you are.  What do you really believe in?  What are your talents, interests, and abilities?

To be an individual is the beginning point of real psychological or spiritual development.  You cannot hide behind or continue to find security in those second-hand beliefs and values that have been given to you by society.  You must determine what you truly know and value, not what your parents, school, or a church has conditioned you to believe since you were a little kid.  To become a human “being” you must start by being “real”.

Authenticity is ground “0” in any quest for truth.  There is no such thing as living a “vicarious” spiritual life.  Spirituality means that YOU are there firsthand.

Of course, I’m not saying that you can’t be a member of some type of spiritual group.  What I am saying is that you must investigate and evaluate the basic precepts of your group for yourself.  Otherwise, you have no roots; your roots are only in the group.  If something happens to the group leader or the group itself, you may very well be lost.

Your individuality is the lowest point that your Spirit comes into the physical world.  This individuality is not the same thing as your ego or personality.  The personality is only that surface layer of second-hand attitudes and values that you have acquired over the years from your society.  The individuality is much deeper.  It is only  reached by a deep consideration of what you truly believe!

In my next post, I will discuss another aspect of individuality.  But the best part will be to share the next key with you.  Do you know what it is?  You are not the gerbil that society has convinced you to be.  You are a lion(ess)!


 Learn how to be Who You Are!