The Keys to Spirituality


The Human Spiritual Circle

Your GPS guide to the Infinite

By Michael W Alvin, D.D., Ph.D.

Pastor of Living Circle of Light Church

The first stage of Man’s Spiritual development


The first stage in a man’s spiritual development begins with conception.  Surprisingly, to live a physical life is a part of this development!  Man is a spiritual creature passing through matter because he needs a physical life to complete his development.

The human being needs the physical to become a separately conscious individual who can choose by his own volition to develop his Spiritual Self.  Also, the human becomes spiritually strong by overcoming the resistance of the physical world.

There are four stages in the life cycle of Man.  Each stage is a major challenge requiring a completely different orientation to life than he had during the previous stage.

The first stage is physical formation from conception to approximately 18-21 years of age.  During this time, a child develops physically, mentally, and socially to become a basic adult. A physical ego that is based upon matter has been fully formed by this age.

The second stage of spiritual development

The second stage of development is a process whereby the human learns to function as an independent adult.  This involves the establishment of a career, finding a mate, and possibly raising children.  Notice that this requires a complete change from the first stage when the human was, to some extent, a dependent child who needed the support of parents and community to even function. The second challenge is to achieve responsibility and find balance in a home, family. and career.


I an sure that this all sounds boringly familiar.  Yes, but here is the catch.  Modern society has completely missed the actual purpose of life!  After a human has established himself as a reasonably good “householder” who is capable of responsibly taking care of work and family, the real purpose of life should begin.

The entire reason for our physical existence is to establish a body and mentality through which we can become aware of our Spiritual Self and develop our spiritual powers to help others. The complete ignorance of social science about human potential after middle age proves that they are unaware of this basic human purpose. After middle age, social science sees no further stages of development, only the continuation of the middle age stage and its related values.

What is called the “middle-age crisis” is the call of our Spiritual Self to begin development of our spirituality.  The rest of our life should be spent in spiritual practices which bring our Spirit into physical life.  We will discuss this third stage of human development in my next blog.  It will be full of surprises!

The physical level as illusion


In spiritual discussions, I often see the physical referred to as an “illusion”.  It is true that the physical is not Reality and that it is deceptive in its nature.  However, these type of discussions speak of the physical level very negatively, almost as if the writers are in a state of “denial” and just want the physical to go away.

To view the physical so negatively could well be a  block to spiritual development.  Man must first feel that he is separate and in control his own material life so that he can eventually reach the realization of his own limitations and thereby choose to live a spiritual life.


We should be thankful for our physical life even though it is an illusion.  To live physically is the only way that we can become individually conscious of our spiritual abilities and learn how to express them.

There are many valuable lessons to experience in the physical.  It is a school of life.  There is no way that we humans could possibly understand REALITY in the beginning of our lifetime.  Human understanding works in reverse.  It is by first learning that something is not true that we are able to work closer to the truth. We gain knowledge by taking a number of steps which move us slowly away from illusion and closer to the truth with each step.

The problem with Illusion

At first, we are fooled by an illusion.  We then realize our mistake and correct it from there.  The real problem comes about if we make the error of believing that the illusion of our senses is reality, when we believe that the material world is the only reality.  From there the human will quickly sink into the quicksand of material illusion.

quicksandHowever, if a person realizes that the physical is illusionary, it can then become a teacher through which he can move closer and closer to the truth.  He will then find that the physical is a school.

Experimental science works in the same way.  Scientists devise an experiment that reveals some approximate truth.  However, another experiment must be devised in order to reveal what still remains false about our new belief.  Out of the next experiment, we will come a little closer to the truth.  With each new experiment, we gradually work our way out of the illusion that our physical senses have provided to us.

Be sure to join me for my next blog when we will discuss the third stage of human spirituality.  This usually begins at middle age, a time when it is often right to begin our spiritual journey.  By this time, most of us have completely explored and mastered the aspects of physical life.  We are ready to bring the higher spiritual knowledge into our life.  To do this, we must overcome the material ego which we have built.  If we do not, we may lose the chance to fulfill our life destiny and simply spend the remainder of our life in spiritual stagnation.

Until then, bless all of you who read this!  I invite you to subscribe to this blog.  I intend to reveal many mysteries about the spiritual in our life cycle which are not yet known to many people.  This blog is not just a repetition of information that has appeared elsewhere. Much of it will be original teachings.  I believe that it will be worth your time to return.


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God bless and keep all of you.   Michael


Funny what people will settle for


 The Human Circle

 A guide to spiritual growth

By Michael Alvin, D.D., PhD

Pastor of The Living Circle of Light Church

It’s Funny What People Will Settle For

Funny that people just settle for the ordinary life to which society conditions them to live.  Go to work, raise kids, pay bills, take a course, go to bed, go to work, pay bills, go to bed…”ad nauseam”. They never think that there might be a better way of life, a higher meaning to life.  They just settle for that little cage that society builds for them.  Does this remind you of a gerbil in a cage? Please don’t think that I’m saying that there’s anything wrong with working or raising kids.  It’s great!  But, surely, there’s something more to life than just the life that people usually settle for…

gerbil 1

Well, there is a better, higher way of life.  That’s the entire purpose of this blog-   to discuss the possibilities of this higher way of life.  Oh, yes, there are higher ways of life.  Just doing the things that society encourages you to do-   eat, sleep, have kids, pay bills, get old-   is just living an animal kind of life.  Sure, we may be a higher type of animal, but we’re still, basically, only being an animal if this is all we want.  As a species, “Homo sapiens”, is a higher animal.  However, we were meant to be something more than this-   a human “being”.  Surprise!  Being a human being is something quite different from just being a “homo sapiens” animal!

That gerbil cage that society has built for us has an amazing lock.  It takes several keys to get that lock to open, but, it can be opened.  I’ve been lucky enough to find several keys in my life.  I wish to share them with you because I so want for you to have your freedom!  The human being has tasted of freedom at one time and he circles around it like our planet does the sun.

The First Key to being a Human “Being”

The first key to being a human “being” may seem a bit confusing.  It’s to become an individual.  What, how could this help to make a person human?  This is necessary because it is what makes you “authentic”.   Begin by knowing who you are.  What do you really believe in?  What are your talents, interests, and abilities?

To be an individual is the beginning point of real psychological or spiritual development.  You cannot hide behind or continue to find security in those second-hand beliefs and values that have been given to you by society.  You must determine what you truly know and value, not what your parents, school, or a church has conditioned you to believe since you were a little kid.  To become a human “being” you must start by being “real”.

Authenticity is ground “0” in any quest for truth.  There is no such thing as living a “vicarious” spiritual life.  Spirituality means that YOU are there firsthand.

Of course, I’m not saying that you can’t be a member of some type of spiritual group.  What I am saying is that you must investigate and evaluate the basic precepts of your group for yourself.  Otherwise, you have no roots; your roots are only in the group.  If something happens to the group leader or the group itself, you may very well be lost.

Your individuality is the lowest point that your Spirit comes into the physical world.  This individuality is not the same thing as your ego or personality.  The personality is only that surface layer of second-hand attitudes and values that you have acquired over the years from your society.  The individuality is much deeper.  It is only  reached by a deep consideration of what you truly believe!

In my next post, I will discuss another aspect of individuality.  But the best part will be to share the next key with you.  Do you know what it is?  You are not the gerbil that society has convinced you to be.  You are a lion(ess)!


 Learn how to be Who You Are!